Product Range

Our extensive product range includes all imaginable types of small, technically sophisticated molded rubber parts in high volume production.

We individually develop and manufacture customer-specific parts where the appropriate rubber compound is determined or developed based on the required material characteristics and the part geometry. Here, our experience from several thousand projects is very apparent and shines brightly.

We manufacture standard parts from our own and existing multitude of molds in established geometries and materials for a variety of applications. Due to these products' predefined properties, product developers can start considering them already at an early stage in their design and engineering process.

Standard geometries of all types of bumpers and balls can be searched and selected in our online catalog

Product range

Types of Materials

Different technical fields of applications of molded rubber parts do require different types of materials. The material is selected to meet customer requirements and based on our extensive experience.

Our own in-house development and more than 2,000 existing material formulations enable us to quickly and flexibly determine the best material for our customers exact need. We will consider all customer-specific standards, regulations and the specific national regulations. We can process all currently known elastomers.

Material range

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