Fixtures and Fittings

Fixtures and Fittings

In today’s world water and gas are the basics to buildings of all kinds. The same applies to the valves used to control and regulate them. Such components are used whenever media flow in lines needs to be changed, adapted, or blocked. The core of a technical molded rubber part must perform important tasks.

Seals mainly help preventing gas or water from escaping unintentionally and causing damage. Our products are also used in bathrooms and showers, sinks, toilets and heating systems. Always designed to ensure a safe operation and for a permanent use.

Sample applications:

  • Water and shower fittings
  • Toilet flushing tanks
  • Heating fittings
  • Gas fittings

Special requirements:

  • Consideration of country-specific drinking water regulations (e.g. elastomer guideline, NSF) or gas guidelines (DVGW)

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